[bitcoin-dev] If you had a single chance to double the transactions/second Bitcoin allows...

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Den 7 aug 2015 23:37 skrev "Sergio Demian Lerner via bitcoin-dev" <
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> Mark,
> It took you 3 minutes to respond to my e-mail. And I responded to you 4
minutes later. If you had responded to me in 10 minutes, I would be of out
the office and we wouldn't have this dialogue. So 5 minutes is a lot of
> Obviously this is not a technical response to the technical issues you
argue. But "minutes" is a time scale we humans use to measure time very

But what's more likely to matter is seconds. What you need then is some
variant of multisignature notaries (Greenaddress.it, lightning network),
where the combination of economic incentives and legal liability gives you
the assurance of doublespend protection from the time of publication of the
transaction to the first block confirmation.
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