[bitcoin-dev] Voting by locking coins

Hector Chu hectorchu at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 06:36:04 UTC 2015

Also there may need to be weighting depending on how long the coins have
been locked for, to stop voting at the last minute having an undue

On 8 August 2015 at 07:27, Hector Chu <hectorchu at gmail.com> wrote:

> Has there ever been any discussion of locking coins till a certain date
> for casting votes on an issue?
> Say that the date for counting votes is 3 months from now. Every one who
> wants to cast a vote must lock coins until the vote closes (using CLTV). To
> increase the weight of your vote, lock more coins. Write your choice in the
> scriptPubKey or an OP_RETURN data output.
> On the date the vote closes the nodes tally up the coin values for the
> various vote options, and the choice with the highest total is the winner.
> Not saying this could be used to solve the block size issue necessarily,
> but we could have choices like:
> 1) Keep block size the same
> 2) Reduce block size by 10%.
> 3) Increase block size by 10%.
> The vote could be a rolling one. When the present vote is decided the vote
> for the next 3 months starts.
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