[bitcoin-dev] Alternative chain support for payment protocol

Mark Friedenbach mark at friedenbach.org
Sun Aug 9 16:02:40 UTC 2015

A sha256 hash is 32 bytes, but otherwise I agree with this proposal.
Genesis block hash is the logical way to identify chains, moving forward.
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> BIP 70 currently lists two networks, main and test (inferred as testnet3)
> for payment protocol requests. This means that different testnets cannot be
> supported trivially, and the protocol cannot be used for alternative coins
> (or, lacks context to indicate which coin the request applies to, which is
> particularly dangerous in cases where coins share address prefixes).
> I propose adding a new optional "genesis" field as a 16 byte sequence
> containing the SHA-256 hash of the genesis block of the network the request
> belongs to, uniquely identifying chains without any requirement for a
> central registry. For backwards compatibility, the "network" field would
> contain "main" for Bitcoin main net, "test" for Bitcoin testnet3, and
> "other" for other networks apart from those two.
> I'd appreciate initial feedback on the idea, and if there's no major
> objections I'll raise this as a BIP.
> Ross
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