[bitcoin-dev] Fees and the block-finding process

Thomas Zander thomas at thomaszander.se
Wed Aug 12 08:01:57 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 11. August 2015 19.47.56 Jorge Timón wrote:
> On Aug 11, 2015 12:14 AM, "Thomas Zander via bitcoin-dev"
> > See my various emails in the last hour.
> I've read them. I have read gavin's blog posts as well, several times.
> I still don't see what else can we fear from not increasing the size apart
> from fees maybe rising and making some problems that need to be solved
> rewardless of the size more visible 

> This discussion is frustrating for everyone. I could also say "This have
> been explained many times" and similar things, but that's not productive.
> I'm not trying to be obstinate, please, answer what else is to fear or
> admit that all your feas are just potential consequences of rising fees.

Since you replied to me;

I have to admit I find that a little depressing.
I put forward about 10 reasons in the last 24 hours and all you remember is 
something with fees.  Which, thats the funny part, I never wrote as being a 
problem directly.

> With the risk of sounding condescending or aggressive...Really, is not that
> hard to answer questions directly and succinctly.

I would really like to avoid putting blame. I'd like to avoid the FUD 
accusation and calling people paranoid, even yourself, sounds rather bad 

Personally I think its a bad idea to do write the way you do, which is that 
some people have to prove that bad things will happen if we don't make a 
certain change. It polarizes the discussion and puts people into camps. People 
have to choose sides.

I've been reading the blocksize debate for months now and have been 
why people here are either for or against, it makes no sense to me.
Neither camp is right, and everyone knows this!
Everyone knows that bigger blocks doesn't solve the scalability problem. 
Everyone knows that you can't get substantial growth using lightning or higher 
fees in, say, the next 12 months.

please reply to this email;

Thomas Zander

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