[bitcoin-dev] Fees and the block-finding process

Thomas Zander thomas at thomaszander.se
Wed Aug 12 09:23:13 UTC 2015

On Wednesday 12. August 2015 10.51.57 Jorge Timón wrote:
> > Personally I think its a bad idea to do write the way you do, which is 
> > some people have to prove that bad things will happen if we don't make a
> > certain change. It polarizes the discussion and puts people into camps.
> > Peoplehave to choose sides.
> Whatever,

No, please don't just say "whatever". Show some respect, please.

If you have the courage to say people are spreading FUD you really should 
have already exhausted all possible avenues of cooperation.
Now you look like you give up and blame others.

> I just give up trying that people worried about a non-increase in the short
> term answer to me that question. I will internally think that they just
> want to spread fud, but not vey vocal about it.

Again, I've been trying really hard to give you answers, straight answers.
It saddens me if you really are giving up trying to understand what people 
equally enthusiastic about this technology may see that you don't see.

> It's just seems strange to me that you don't want to prove to me that's not
> the case when it is so easy to do so: just answer the d@#/&m question.

In the evolution of Bitcoin over the next couple of years we need bigger 
blocks for a lot of different reasons. One of them is that LN isn't here.
The other is that we have known bugs that we have to fix, and that will take 
time. Time we are running out of.
To buy more time, get bigger blocks now.

Anyway, I dislike your approach, as I said in the previous mail.
Its not about people spreading FUD or sidestepping the question, it is about 
keeping the discussion civilised.  You are essentially the one that asks;
 "if you are not beating your wife, please prove it to me".
And the you get upset when I try to steer the conversation into less 
black/white situations...
And, yes, that analogy is apt because you can't prove either.

Thomas Zander

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