[bitcoin-dev] Bitcoin XT 0.11A

Milly Bitcoin milly at bitcoins.info
Sun Aug 16 00:06:44 UTC 2015

> Baseless accusations also have no place on this mailing list. They are
> unprofessional, and poisonous to the consensus-building process we all
> seek to engage in.

I didn't see any baseless accusations in the message.  I saw a 
discussion of possible conflicts of interest.  Your reply seems to 
indicate that somehow conflicts of interest don't exist with the 
developers or that the developers are somehow above everyone else.  The 
fact is the developers on this list discuss conflicts of interest all 
the time as it relates to things like mining.  Conflicts of interest are 
going to be a regular part of Bitcoin development so you should start 
getting used it because it is only going to increase as the value increases.

It is your messages attacking people who raise legitimate issues that is 
poisonous.  It tries to prevent discussions of the risks associated with 
the code development.  It creates an atmosphere where people are 
blackballed if they discuss these issues.  This is what happens in 
religions all the time and it is time to start treating Bitcoin like the 
technology that it is rather than some cult religion.

For all I know is that a hard fork controversy is going to cause the 
price to drop temporarily so for all I know this is a scheme to buy some 
cheap coins just like when hackers used to attack exchanges and 
bitcointalk at the same time to get the price to drop.  (I don't think 
it is a scheme to do that but such a scheme is certainly possible in the 
future and things like that should be expected to happen).


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