[bitcoin-dev] Humans constantly arguing about bsize proves that computers should decide

xor xor at freenetproject.org
Sun Aug 16 09:46:06 UTC 2015

Hey folks,

so you've been stressed with arguing about what to do with the block size for 
months now :(

Why not realize that the unfruitful permanent need for administrators to tweak 
a magical, god-given (= Satoshi-given) constant is a *strong* indicator for 
something which should be delegated to a self-adjusting system instead?

    new_max_blocksize = some_averaging_function(previous_block_sizes);

Systems which do not require any human intervention are always more beautiful, 
and especially when trying to design a decentralized P2P network :)

	xor, a developer working for the Freenet anonymous P2P network

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