[bitcoin-dev] Humans constantly arguing about bsize proves that computers should decide

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Sun Aug 16 10:13:51 UTC 2015

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> Hey folks,
> so you've been stressed with arguing about what to do with the block size
> for
> months now :(
> Why not realize that the unfruitful permanent need for administrators to
> tweak
> a magical, god-given (= Satoshi-given) constant is a *strong* indicator for
> something which should be delegated to a self-adjusting system instead?
>     new_max_blocksize = some_averaging_function(previous_block_sizes);
Not necessarily some_averaging_function. Could also be something that
depends on how much work has been put in, i.e. make the miners do more
computational work if they want to add bigger blocks into the chain, and
the chain doesn't have to be the original chain, it could be a sidechain or
block extension, so as to not force people to upgrade.

>     end_of_flamewar();
>     continue_with_REAL_development();
> Systems which do not require any human intervention are always more
> beautiful,
> and especially when trying to design a decentralized P2P network :)
> Greetings,
>         xor, a developer working for the Freenet anonymous P2P network
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