[bitcoin-dev] Bitcoin XT 0.11A

Cameron Garnham da2ce7 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 00:03:35 UTC 2015

Since it was a game theory analysis. I will not address your other comments.

On 17/8/2015 7:22 AM, Andrew LeCody wrote:
>> 4. Setup a fork of Bitcoin XT that allows people to easily make a
> transaction only on the XT fork (while leaving the original BTC coins
> untouched).
> I doubt this is even possible.


There are a few ways: here is my favorite (for the moment).

1. Spam the 8mb blocks with 1 Satoshi outputs to the brainwallet 'BitcoinXT'

2. Let these spam tx be in BitcoinXT, however not Bitcoin (easily done).

3. Let the forked XT client includes a unspent dust output with any
transaction. Let the this client create 100 dust outputs for other
people to use in the same transaction.

This transaction will only be possible to confirm with Bitcoin XT. -
Leaving your Bitcoin coins untouched.

I particularly like this approach, as it is ironic as the spam is more
cheaply done with larger blocks.


A quick political note:

Hard forks are not something that is a democratic process. Thus
frustrating a false-democratic process is completely legitimate.

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