[bitcoin-dev] BIP [104]: Replace Transaction Fees with Data, Discussion Draft 0.2.9

Angel Leon gubatron at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 17:16:10 UTC 2015

so you want us to, (i) at the moment of payment decide wether to pay a tx
fee, or to include some data about what the transaction is about...
(ii) and (iii) are out of the question as you'd be forcing people to not
have privacy, which is one of the main reasons people use bitcoin, just
paying like cash.

then the rest goes down hill.

1. You want to add more data to a transaction, which would fill blocks even

2. The data will be on the blockchain, why in hell would anybody pay the
miners for it when you can just mine it yourself, or pay XYZ online service
to give you the tools you mention, and why would XYZ company pay miners for
the revenues of such service?

because... you want to change the Bitcoin license from MIT to something

I'm sorry. this is dead on arrival, very unrealistic. Perhaps this will
work for some other coin where people accept all these orwellianism from
the start.

If you think there's much debate about blocksize you've no idea how things
would get at the mention of moving away from MIT into some sort of
commercial license, that would indeed destroy Bitcoin from being adopted as
it would enter into many many conflicts that would render it unusable by
lots of organizations.
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