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Theo Chino bitdev at theochino.com
Mon Aug 17 20:24:29 UTC 2015


I might have a "crazy" simple solution.
>From the literature I read, it seems that Satochi has the keys that would
authenticate him using Bitcoin.

HBO John Oliver's program might have given me (and hopefully others) the
brilliant idea to protect the Bitcoin network from the overzealous reach of
the politicians. One need to start a Church, and to start the Church one
need funds (121UZ1hDs9MgCHonA8vjXr89D8FuDf5c7t) to start.

John Oliver's program on HBO about Churches (and the hypocrisy of some) was
epic and such entity could argue that Bitcoin is a belief system (which it
is) and would force the issue at a Federal level under the Church and State
separation. - John's video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y1xJAVZxXg

At this time, I am waiting for the License issue to walk its course in New
York State.


   - I am waiting for my License to be denied (to protest) and appeal it.
   - Waiting to hear from the License process to appeal the law in general.
   - Meeting Elected officials (in New York City, NY State, and France) and
   educating them on Bitcoin.

Every time we (the community) talk about Bitcoin, it can sound like
religion; therefore why not go all the way and do what John Oliver did ?
Seed money would help. :)

Regarding the Fork, from my perspective of a small company, I see that like
it was with IRC with the ICMP node split. The Church thing is not here to
take side but to "try" to protect the Bitcoin.

We will need to ordain ministers selected after completing prescribed
courses of study setup by the developers.

In short I am asking Satochi to help this church with original coins. If it
is a troll, I am talking to the Dev Community at large to recruit them to
ordain the ministers.

*Theo Chino*

<https://www.facebook.com/groups/557495624389384> (NY

*(My position on the fork is still the same as when I ran for a seat of the
Foundation; still don't have enough information and thing will move faster
than I can devote the time to read about it.)*

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> For the record I would like to share my technical analysis of the Satoshi
> email which I wrote in a pastebin (http://pastebin.com/Ct5M8fa2) a few
> days ago.
> 1. The email is the one used by Satoshi to announce Bitcoin in the first
> place.
> http://www.metzdowd.com/pipermail/cryptography/2008-October/014810.html
> 2. The email was not spoofed, it actually originated from vistomail's
> server. The email headers show the email originated from
> and the SPF records show this as an authorised sender for the email. This
> does not prove the account wasn't hacked of course, or that the account
> might have expired and be re-registered by someone else (vistomail is a
> paid for email provider).
> 3. While the email is not signed, and there are a number of PGP keys
> listed on key servers for him (to vary addresses), he didnt sign any emails
> with any PGP keys.
> It is therefore not possible to outright dismiss the email's authenticity
> as the email originates from an authentic source. The only questions is
> whether the webmail service was hacked or commandeered somehow.
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