[bitcoin-dev] Annoucing Not-BitcoinXT

Dave Scotese dscotese at litmocracy.com
Tue Aug 18 05:33:45 UTC 2015

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 10:13 PM, GC <slashdevnull at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Dave,
> “ … highly skilled psychological warfare agents ..”
> Paranoia, much?
> Well, I respect your characterization of it as paranoia, sure.  If you
check out the #1 podcast in higher education on podomatic.com, you may find
that it's more awareness than paranoia.  There are other resources too,
like GnosticMedia, SchoolSucksProject, and Corbett Report.  These programs
are not addressing bitcoin specifically or even generally.  They simply
show that people with high intelligence do not always have the best
interests of the rest of their species in mind when they engineer
solutions.  For example, taxation is a form of parasitic human cannibalism,
not in the eating of flesh, but in the consuming of life force.  The
methods of farming humans to tolerate such a system are quite advanced.
Learning is the answer.  Defend yourself for the sake of everyone else.

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