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Warren Togami Jr. wtogami at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 09:15:31 UTC 2015

I honestly don't understand your position, but I get the sense that you are
suggesting Satoshi wouldn't be welcome to return if he wanted to be active
in development again?

On Aug 17, 2015 1:38 PM, "Oliver Egginger" <bitcoin at olivere.de> wrote:

> Am 17.08.2015 um 21:03 schrieb Warren Togami Jr.:
> > This bitcoin-dev list restarted with an empty subscriber list on June
> > 21st, 2015.  So whoever posted from satoshi at vistomail.com
> > <mailto:satoshi at vistomail.com> subscribed and verified the address
> > recently.  Do you propose that we manually approve new subscribers to
> > prevent these kind of "abuses" as you put it?
> I would simply block the creators old email addresses. Easy with
> Mailman. I thought that would be a good and easy approach, but maybe I'm
> wrong.
> Some believes it is possible that the email could be genuine. Some say
> that only the content is important. I have closely followed. An
> interesting discussion. Thank you all so far.
> But let's say the poster would be the real Satoshi. Would we discuss his
> posting if he would not claim to be Satoshi? There are a lot of smart
> people on this list, which publish occasionally quite useful ideas. But
> much of this is hardly the subject of greater discussion. Especially not
> when it comes to the blocksize. On this subject almost everything has
> been already said. But not yet by everyone. Especially not by Satoshi.
> Satoshi would have a decisive influence on the community. I'm sure. To
> say it does not matter who's talking is maybe genteelly but a little bit
> remote from everyday life. Or not? Satoshi is the creator. What he says
> is in the newspaper and is perceived by all. If he says it's okay to do
> nothing as long as we stand together, then people have the courage to do
> maybe something dangerous or something wrong. Then people only follow
> their hearts. Otherwise they follow their fear. It is a paradox of the
> human nature that some type of Dictatorship can make you free. I say
> some type, not any type. Enough said.
> - oliver
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