[bitcoin-dev] Bitcoin is an experiment. Why don't we have an experimental hardfork?

Ahmed Zsales ahmedzsales18 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 22:51:08 UTC 2015

-> You need to take into account the reward halving, likely to be in
3Q2016. Forks and reward halving at the same time would possibly be a bad

-> The original proposed date for the fork was December 2015. It was pushed
back to January as December is a busy period for a lot of people and
businesses. Likewise, June is a busy period for people. July / August is a
good period as it is quiet because people go on holiday. A window of 2
months during holiday periods is better than starting in June. January 2016
is better, mainly because of the excessive reward halving chatter likely to
be going on..

> Proposal (parameters in ** are my recommendations but negotiable):
> 1. Today, we all agree that some kind of block size hardfork will happen
> on t1=*1 June 2016*
> 2. If no other consensus could be reached before t2=*1 Feb 2016*, we will
> adopt the backup plan
> 3. The backup plan is: t3=*30 days* after m=*80%* of miner approval, but
> not before t1=*1 June 2016*, the block size is increased to s=*1.5MB*
> 4. If the backup plan is adopted, we all agree that a better solution
> should be found before t4=*31 Dec 2017*.
> ..
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