[bitcoin-dev] Block size: It's economics & user preparation & moral hazard

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>> > 2) If block size stays at 1M, the Bitcoin Core developer team should
sign a
>> > collective note stating their desire to transition to a new economic
>> > that of "healthy fee market" and strongly urge users to examine their
>> > policies, wallet software, transaction volumes and other possible User
>> > impacting outcomes.
>> You present this as if the Bitcoin Core development team is in charge
>> of deciding the network consensus rules, and is responsible for making
>> changes to it in order to satisfy economic demand. If that is the
>> case, Bitcoin has failed, in my opinion.
> This circles back to Problem #1:   Avoidance of a choice is a still a
choice - failing to ACK a MAX_BLOCK_SIZE increase still creates very real
Economic Change Event risk.

Unless the community is going to always avoid this "economic change event"
forever (effectively eliminating MAX_BLOCK_SIZE), this is going to happen
at some point. I assume those concerned with the "economic change" are only
scared about it because "nitcoin is still very young" of something like
Since you advocate for delaying this event from happening, can you be
clearer about when do you think it would be ok to let the event happen?
What other event makes this event ok?

> Hitting a Fee Event is market changing, potentially reshuffling economic
actors to a notable degree.  Maintaining a short term economic policy of
fixed 1M supply in the face of rising transaction volume carries risks that
should be analyzed and communicated.

Assuming we adopt bip102, eventually you will be able to say exactly the
same about 2 MB. When does this "let's not change the economics" finishes
(if ever)?
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