[bitcoin-dev] Segregated Witness in the context of Scaling Bitcoin

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> Unless I'm missing something, 2 mb x4 = 8mb, so bip102 + SW is already
> equivalent to the 2-4-8 "compromise" proposal (which by the way I never
> liked, because I don't think anybody should be in a position to
> "compromise" anything and because I don't see how "let's avoid an
> unavoidable economic change for a little bit longer" arguments can
> reasoably claim that "we need to kick the can down the road exactly 3 more
> times" or whatever is the reasoning behind it).

isn't SegWit gain ~75%? hence 2mb x 1.75 = 3.5.

4x is theoric gain you get in case of 2-2 multisig txs.

am I missign something obvious?
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