[Bitcoin-development] Proposal to address Bitcoin malware

Brian Erdelyi brian.erdelyi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 17:40:11 UTC 2015

Another concept...

It should be possible to use multisig wallets to protect against malware.  For example, a user could generate a wallet with 3 keys and require a transaction that has been signed by 2 of those keys.  One key is placed in cold storage and anther sent to a third-party.

It is now possible to generate and sign transactions on the users computer and send this signed transaction to the third-party for the second signature.  This now permits the use of out of band transaction verification techniques before the third party signs the transaction and sends to the blockchain.

If the third-party is malicious or becomes compromised they would not have the ability to complete transactions as they only have one private key.  If the third-party disappeared, the user could use the key in cold storage to sign transactions and send funds to a new wallet.


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