[Bitcoin-development] Two Proposed BIPs - Bluetooth Communication and bitcoin: URI Scheme Improvements

Peter D. Gray peter at coinkite.com
Fri Feb 6 19:06:07 UTC 2015

I think the Bitcoin community needs a good person-to-person payment
protocol for BLE simply because Bluetooth LE is effectively
peer-to-peer. Unlike NFC or conventional Bluetooth, a $5 micro can
be either the master or slave and talk directly to other $5 micros

[ASIDE...  BLE is also the first wireless tech that Apple has allowed us free
access to. They have claimed all NFC/RFID connections for their own
"Pay" junk, and Bluetooth accessories are all locked down into their
"make for iphone" program which literally requires a letter from
your lawyer to enter. Of course Apple is just one vendor.]

Surely, as a community, we can make a rock-solid P2P protocol that
is resistant to spoofing and vandalism. I'm a big fan of putting
crypto to good use, and doing a slightly more complex protocol
involving EC signing of nonces sounds great.

My only change to the RedPhone based "commit protocol" proposed
previously, is I'd like the confirmation code to be a 6-digit decimal
number rather than words. Wordlists are good for Red phone's audio
application, but it's a lot easier to display a 6-digit code on
vending machines, small mobile screens, and printed receipts.

Just my two cents.

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