[Bitcoin-development] Standardizing automatic pre-negotiation of transaction terms with BIP70? (Emulating Amazon one-click purchase at all merchants)

MⒶrtin HⒶboⓋštiak martin.habovstiak at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 10:34:43 UTC 2015

Why would anyone want to do anything about payment before choosing
what he wants to buy and for what price? I've never used Amazon but
isn't filling a form with shipping information enough?

2015-02-10 11:21 GMT+01:00 Natanael <natanael.l at gmail.com>:
> BIP70 is a protocol for getting a user's wallet client communicate with a
> merchant's server in order to agree on details like where to send the
> payment, how much to send, what the shipping address is, sending a receipt
> back, and much more using various extensions that adds more functionality.
> There could even be advanced functionality for automatically negotiating
> terms. One example could be selecting a multisignature arbitrator both sides
> trust. Another could be to agree on the speed and type of delivery. Many
> more types of decisions could be automatically agreed upon.
> But as it is now, it is designed to be initiated at the time of payment. If
> you always want next-day delivery from online stores then you won't always
> know if that's an option until you've filled the digital basket and gone
> through checkout. If you only want to shop with an arbitrator involved same
> thing applies.
> Everything that BIP70 enables happens at the last step only, as it is right
> now.
> If there could be a BIP70 HTML tag on web shops that automatically triggered
> your wallet as soon as you visit the page, it would be possible for a
> browser extension that talks to your wallet to tell you right away if the
> web shop you're currently looking at has terms you consider acceptable or
> not (note: if your wallet client isn't installed on or linked to that same
> machine, a visible Qr code would be an acceptable alternative which you can
> scan in advance before you start shopping). This notification can even be
> automatically updated as you add and remove things from your cart and
> details like shipping options change.
> This would massively simplify the shipping experience and make every web
> shop feel like Amazon.
> Of course this has privacy implications and increases exposure to potential
> wallet exploits, but the wallet can ask you if you intend to shop or not at
> each site before it even connects and send any information at all in order
> to mitigate both of those problems. This way it should be reasonably safe.
> Another option would be to automatically connect but limit what data is sent
> in order to remain privacy preserving, until the user agrees to send private
> information.
> This second method would also open up for the merchant to other send
> relevant information such as details about various certifications from third
> parties, which can include a certification that shows they have been been
> audited and approved by by entity X for purpose Y. If your wallet has that
> entity whitelisted it will show you that certificate (for example "Acme
> Audits have audited and approves of Merchant M's privacy policy and data
> protection"). With a list of predefined types of certifications that the
> wallet understand and accepts, it could (by choice of the user) require a
> certificate to be present to even allow you to make a purchase (lack of
> required certifications would result in automatic denial). No certificate =
> your wallet never proceed to send private information.
> Thoughts?
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