[Bitcoin-development] Standardizing automatic pre-negotiation of transaction terms with BIP70? (Emulating Amazon one-click purchase at all merchants)

Oleg Andreev oleganza at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 10:50:34 UTC 2015

> Let's say you're visiting an international webshop. But they don't ship to your country. Wouldn't you want to know that before your start filling the cart? With this, your wallet / browser extension could tell you right away that you can't shop there. No time wasted!

Why my wallet has to do anything with me being in some country? The webshop may detect my location and tell me if they ship to where I'm currently in. Why should I associate more private information (my location) with my wallet than strictly necessary? Why should I automatically advertise my shipping address to every webshop without my explicit consent?

The wallet must be convenient only as much as it allows for better security and privacy, but not trading off security and privacy for some unrelated convenience. 
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