[Bitcoin-development] replace-by-fee v0.10.0rc4

Tamas Blummer tamas at bitsofproof.com
Thu Feb 12 14:25:09 UTC 2015

On Feb 12, 2015, at 3:16 PM, Mike Hearn <mike at plan99.net> wrote:
> You can not consider the outcome resulting by replace-by-fee fraudulent, as it could be the world as observed by some.
> Fraudulent in what sense?

Assume a wallet that sends double spend of the coin spent for services with higher fees to some of its nodes simultaneously.
Merchants will catch and reject most of the attempts, but that will not stop the scheme in a setup where customer are anonymous and distant.

Miner will see a mixed picture and will struggle to act “honestly” on a statistical measure.

Tamas Blummer

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