[Bitcoin-development] Bitcoin at POS using BIP70, NFC and offline payments - implementer feedback

Jan Vornberger jan at uos.de
Tue Feb 24 15:41:09 UTC 2015

On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 01:14:43AM -0500, Andy Schroder wrote:
> I've had similar issues where the NFC device has to be disconnected
> and reconnected. I've got lots of error checking in my code on the
> NFC device, which helps, but still has problems sometimes. I've
> found if I limit how quickly a new connection can be made, that
> reduces the problem. Have you tried this?

I have a limit there, yes, but maybe I need to raise it. I'd rather
would like it to simply not jam up instead though. :-)

> What command line tool are you using with libnfc?

I don't remember exactly right now, but the Debian packages 'libnfc-bin'
and 'libnfc-examples' have some binaries and I think I used one of them
to present an NFC URI record and I ran into similar problems with

> This sounds weird to me. Why are you even using bitpay at all if you
> are already going through the effort to remove a signature and
> change the memo field?

For their tie-in with the traditional banking system, i.e. cash-out in
fiat. Here in Germany that might currently be the only feasible way of
accepting bitcoins commercially, because of unresolved questions around
VAT - but that's another topic.


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