[Bitcoin-development] Providing Payment Request within URI

Andreas Schildbach andreas at schildbach.de
Thu Feb 26 09:32:15 UTC 2015

Yeah, you'd be limited to simple usecases. X509 signing or lots of
outputs will make the QR code hard to scan. However, if all you want to
do is send to a custom script (without using P2SH) I invite you to have
a look at




Basically it's "BITCOIN:-" plus the payment request in Base43 encoded
form. I picked Base43, because that's optimized for QR codes.

On 02/24/2015 04:58 PM, Oleg Andreev wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder if there is a standard way to put Payment Request data into bitcoin: URI or directly into QR code. The goal is to allow device to generate a multi-output payment request on its own, without relying on the server and x509 certificates. When scanned via QR code from, say, POS, it's pretty secure, so no additional authentication needed.
> I'd like something like this: 
> bitcoin:?r=data://<base64url-encoded-payment-request>
> If there's no standard for that, would it be a good idea to extend BIP72 this way?
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