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Fri Jul 3 10:55:30 UTC 2015

On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 1:33 AM, Jeremy Rubin <
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> Moxie looks fantastic! The reason I thought RISC-V was a good selection is
> the very active development community which is pushing the performance of
> the ISA implementations forward. Can you speak to the health of Moxie
> development? Ultimately, ensuring support for many open architectures would
> be preferable. Are there other reasonable open-source processors that you
> are aware of?
> I would be willing to work on a design a Bitcoin specific open-hardware
> processor, up to the FPGA bound, if this would be useful for this goal.

Moxie was designed to be small and efficient from the compiler standpoint.
As a side effect, it is easy to audit from a security perspective.  It
started life as a simulator + gcc compiler backend, and then later became
an FPGA implementation.

Moxie would benefit from focused effort in building out the hardware side
to be efficient on FPGA, developing and testing multi-core support and
related efforts.  This area is less mature and could use attention.  Start
at https://github.com/atgreen/moxiedev/tree/master/moxie/cores/moxie

In terms of other projects, there are many open source processor cores at
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