[bitcoin-dev] BIP 68 (Relative Locktime) bug

Tom Harding tomh at thinlink.com
Sun Jul 5 16:25:17 UTC 2015

Since you're removing a working capability, you should be the one to
prove it is unneeded.

But the simple example is the case where the input is also locked.

On 7/5/2015 9:17 AM, Mark Friedenbach wrote:
> Can you construct an example? Are there use cases where there is a
> need for an enforced lock time in a transaction with inputs that are
> not confirmed at the time the lock time expires?
> On Jul 5, 2015 8:00 AM, "Tom Harding" <tomh at thinlink.com
> <mailto:tomh at thinlink.com>> wrote:
>     BIP 68 uses nSequence to specify relative locktime, but nSequence also
>     continues to condition the transaction-level locktime.
>     This dual effect will prevent a transaction from having an effective
>     nLocktime without also requiring at least one of its inputs to be
>     mined
>     at least one block (or one second) ahead of its parent.
>     The fix is to shift the semantics so that nSequence = MAX_INT - 1
>     specifies 0 relative locktime, rather than 1.  This change will also
>     preserve the semantics of transactions that have already been created
>     with the specific nSequence value MAX_INT - 1 (for example all
>     transactions created by the bitcoin core wallet starting in 0.11).
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