[bitcoin-dev] Bitcoin philosophical musings and pressures 7 years in [drifted from: txrate, forking, etc]

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 19:21:50 UTC 2015

> Then again maybe I am missing the key reasoning for this fork.

People often miss the fundamental reasons Bitcoin exists,
the various conjoined ethos behind its creation. This is to be
expected, it's so far ouside any thinking or life process they've
ever had to do or been exposed to. It's also partly why figuring
out what to do or code or adopt, is hard. And certainly not made
any easier by the long term need and the current value at stake.

Creating a system in which a Botswanan can give a few bits
of their impoverished wages to their friend in Mumbai without
it being gated, permitted, hierarchied, middlemanned, taxed,
tracked, stolen and feed-upon until pointless... this simply
doesn't compute for these people. Their school of thought is
centralization, profit, control and oppression. So of course they
see txrate ramming up against an artificial wall as perfectly fine,
it enables and perpetuates their legacy ways.

Regardless of whichever technical way the various walls are torn down,
what's important is that they are. And that those who are thinking
outside the box do, and continue to, take time to school these
legacy people such that they might someday become enlightened
and join the ethos.

Otherwise might as well work for ICBC, JPMC, HSBC, BNP, MUFG
and your favorite government. Probably not as much fun though.

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