[bitcoin-dev] Why not Child-Pays-For-Parent?

Dan Bryant dkbryant at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 16:26:22 UTC 2015

Some miners have voluntarily deployed CPFP.

I had a thread about it earlier this month where some other ideas got
tossed around.

The specific pull request to get it into the reference implementation
is still open based on a merge conflict

Peter Todd has another thread on RBF which you mentioned earlier

There is also a beautiful example of CPFP in action from Eligius in
this transaction:

Follow the spent outputs and you will see the person is trying to
incentive the transaction by upping the fees of dependent
transactions.  It set in the mempool until Eligius won a block, then
it made it into the chain.  CPFP still works, but only in an Eligius
block (that I can see).  So it's better than nothing.

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