[bitcoin-dev] BIP0074 Draft (Dynamic Rate Lookup)

David Barnes | Bitcoin Co. Ltd. david.barnes at bitcoin.co.th
Fri Jul 17 03:30:56 UTC 2015

There are a number of services that offer Bitcoin payment notification
via SMS.

If the cashier only has a dumb-phone (or smart phone without Bitcoin
app) they can receive notification of the payment...all without any need
for an app or internet access.

I envision that their dynamic rate provider will also be offer the SMS
notification service; but independent services are also available.

David Barnes

On 7/17/2015 10:21 AM, Paul Rabahy wrote:
> The biggest hole I see in this scheme is how does the cashier verify
> that the payment has been made successfully? If both the cashier and
> the customer need to scan this new QR code, how is that any better
> than just the cashier scanning the QR code and showing the customer an
> aggregate QR code.
> I understand wanting to make IRL bitcoin purchases easier, but I do
> not believe that this proposal will actually help.

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