[bitcoin-dev] Bitcoin Core and hard forks

Tom Harding tomh at thinlink.com
Thu Jul 23 00:27:09 UTC 2015

On 7/22/2015 9:52 AM, Pieter Wuille via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> It would be irresponsible and dangerous to the network and thus the 
> users of the software to risk forks, or to take a leading role in 
> pushing dramatic changes.

Count me among those who see allowing bitcoin to become 
space-constrained, without technical reason, as a dramatic change. 
Especially when the reasons cited in support are

  - Various species of vaporware
  - Amateurish economic thinking surrounding fees
  - "We don't support it because not everyone supports it because we 
don't support it because ..." infinite descent

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