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Are you willing to share the code that you used to run the test?

- Jameson

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> On this day, the Bitcoin network was crawled and reachable nodes surveyed
> to find their maximum throughput in order to determine if it can safely
> support a faster block rate. Specifically this is an attempt to prove or
> disprove the common statement that 1MB blocks were only suitable slower
> internet connections in 2009 when Bitcoin launched, and that connection
> speeds have improved to the point of obviously supporting larger blocks.
> The testing methodology is as follows:
>  * Nodes were randomly selected from a peers.dat, 5% of the reachable
> nodes in the network were contacted.
>  * A random selection of blocks was downloaded from each peer.
>  * There is some bias towards higher connection speeds, very slow
> connections (<30KB/s) timed out in order to run the test at a reasonable
> rate.
>  * The connecting node was in Amsterdam with a 1GB NIC.
> Results:
>  * 37% of connected nodes failed to upload blocks faster than 1MB/s.
>  * 16% of connected nodes uploaded blocks faster than 10MB/s.
>  * Raw data, one line per connected node, kilobytes per second
> http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=6b4NuiVQ
> This does not support the theory that the network has the available
> bandwidth for increased block sizes, as in its current state 37% of nodes
> would fail to upload a 20MB block to a single peer in under 20 seconds
> (referencing a number quoted by Gavin). If the bar for suitability is
> placed at taking only 1% of the block time (6 seconds) to upload one block
> to one peer, then 69% of the network fails for 20MB blocks. For comparison,
> only 10% fail this metric for 1MB blocks.
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