[bitcoin-dev] Bitcoin Node Speed Test

Slurms MacKenzie slurms at gmx.us
Fri Jul 24 03:19:35 UTC 2015

Yes that is completely doable for the next crawl, however I am not sure how much that reflects the behavior bitcoind would see when making connections. Nodes do not make any attempt to sync with close peers, which is an undesirable property if you are attempting to be sybil resistant. With some quick playing around it seems that you do get the expected speedup with close proximity, but it's not a particularly huge difference at present. I'll keep working on it and see where I get. 

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> You may see much better throughput if you run a few servers around the
> globe and test based on closest-by-geoip. TCP throughput is rather
> significantly effected by latency, though I'm not really sure what you
> should be testing here, ideally.

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