[bitcoin-dev] Bitcoin Core and hard forks

Alice Larson alicelarson at ruggedinbox.com
Mon Jul 27 17:05:48 UTC 2015

> You are correct.  It is also counterproductive to take cheap shots at
> vendors in order to garner consulting revenue.  Measuring risk in a
> systematic way against known metrics is the way to go.  Tweeting,
> blogging, and drama are generally counterproductive.
> When the issue is raised most of the developers shun the idea so until
> some of the developers become mature and experienced you will be left
> with all this teenager nonsense where everybody calls each other
> "trolls" on Reddit instead of engaging in real risk analysis.

The twitter teenage nonsense from Todd is ridiculous: 
https://twitter.com/playatodd (warning, triggering)

Mike Hearn has mentioned a few times how Todd's habit of creating drama 
on twitter and reddit every time anyone wants to change something in 
Bitcoin in a way he doesn't like is driving away vendors. Openly 
commenting on a female developers cleavage on twitter, as well as 
referring to a female journalist as "naughty" is disgusting. Him 
constantly hitting on women developers in Bitcoin is driving away 

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