[bitcoin-dev] Why Satoshi's temporary anti-spam measure isn't temporary

Mark Friedenbach mark at friedenbach.org
Wed Jul 29 00:46:20 UTC 2015

Does it matter even in the slightest why the block size limit was put in
place? It does not. Bitcoin is a decentralized payment network, and the
relationship between utility (block size) and decentralization is
empirical. Why the 1MB limit was put in place at the time might be a
historically interesting question, but it bears little relevance to the
present engineering issues.

On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 5:43 PM, Jean-Paul Kogelman via bitcoin-dev <
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> > Enter a “temporary” anti-spam measure - a one megabyte block size limit.
> Let’s test this out, then increase it once we see how things work. So far
> so good…
> >
> The block size limit was put in place as an anti-DoS measure (monster
> blocks), not "anti-spam". It was never intended to have any economic
> effect, not on spam and not on any future fee market.
> jp
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