[bitcoin-dev] Why Satoshi's temporary anti-spam measure isn't temporary

Thomas Zander thomas at thomaszander.se
Thu Jul 30 14:15:01 UTC 2015

I have just been around for 2 years or so, and its interesting to see you two 
argue and give links to the past conversations.

But do realize that if you argue in public about content that is easy to read 
by anyone that you have to double check your memory fits the facts.
And I feel you skipped that this time...

On Wednesday 29. July 2015 19.53.02 Gregory Maxwell via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> (The same message also mentions that smart contracts can be used to
> create trustless trade with off-chain systems; 

> As well, later in that
> thread: "it will be much easier if you can freely use all the space
> you need without worrying about paying fees for expensive space in
> Bitcoin's chain.")

Hmm... A DNS record is much much bigger than a single bitcoin transaction has 
space for.
I don't think you can take his quote out of context. The thread shows that 
having a full domain-registry DB on chain is what he was explaining doesn't fit 
with Bitcoin.
So Satoshi just explains that a rich database shouldn't live on the 
blockchain. Similarly with the quote you made before;
  "Piling every proof-of-work quorum system in the world into one
  dataset doesn't scale."
It just fights the stupid idea of sharing the blockchain space with tons of 
global databases.

Please re-read the whole thread as it really doesn't support your view that 
Satoshi argued that somehow decentralization would be protected by limiting 
the size of the chain.

Thomas Zander

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