[bitcoin-dev] Consensus fork activation thresholds: Block.nTime vs median time vs block.nHeight

Gavin Andresen gavinandresen at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 18:16:22 UTC 2015

I still think using the version and timestamp fields in the block header
are simplest and best.

  Available to SPV nodes with no change to the network protocol
  Available after headers downloaded, before full block data is available
  Once well past a fork, allows all block validation except validation
against the UTXO to happen in parallel, out-of-order, independent of any
other block.

  Not monotonically increasing

I think discussion about transactions in the memory pool are just a
distraction: no matter what criteria is used (timestamp, height, median
time), a blockchain re-organization could mean the validity of transactions
you've accepted into the memory pool (if you're accepting transactions that
switch from valid to invalid at the consensus change -- Core tries hard not
to do that via IsStandard policy) must be re-evaluated.

I don't strongly care if median time or block timestamp is used, I think
either will work. I don't like height, there are too many cases where the
time is known but the block height isn't (see, for example, the
max-outputs-in-a-transaction sanity check computation at line 190 of
bitcoin-tx.cpp -- bitcoin-tx.cpp has no idea what the current block height

Gavin Andresen
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