[bitcoin-dev] LockUnspent not working, bug?

Ian Treibick ian at coincadence.com
Thu Jul 30 20:43:05 UTC 2015

My first post to the list, not sure this is the right place, let me know if it is better to open an issue on GitHub.

This is occurring on OS X with Satoshi 0.11.0, the TXID and vout belong to the wallet:

command: lockunspent true "[ { \"txid\": \"fd697746c67f68a206bb7377fd40f35d146cc5821883e4c4b6cbf82b48e62a13\", \"vout\": 1 } ]"
output: true
command: listlockunspent

Additionally after locking the TX with lockunspent I am able to spend it from the wallet.


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