[Bitcoin-development] Tough questions for Peter Todd, Chief Scientist {Mastercoin | Counterparty | Coinkite | Darkwallet | Viacoin}

Sven Berg svenberg at airmail.cc
Thu Jun 4 21:52:16 UTC 2015

1) Hours/week have you devoted to each project out of a 40hr work week

2) Upfront and ongoing fees for use of your name

3) Break down total amounts for each project

4) Start dates of contracts for each project

5) End dates (if applicable)

6) Current and past holdings of altcoins/appcoins (including liquidation 

7) Describe return on investment to investors related to your activities 
during employment
    (other than marketing/price pump)

8) Describe your involvement with Initial Coin Offers (ICO) of 

9) Explain rational for pursuit of ICO fund sources rather than 
    businesses (Lighthouse, legit startups, etc.)

Berg Investigations LLC.

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