[Bitcoin-development] Proposal: Move Bitcoin Dev List to a Neutral Competent Entity

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Mon Jun 15 10:13:32 UTC 2015

Bear in mind the problem that stops Jeff's messages getting through is that
mailman 1.0 doesn't know how to handle DKIM properly. Switching to a
different mailman provider won't fix that.

Does mailman 3.0 even fix this? I found it difficult to tell from their
website. There's a big page on the mailman wiki that suggests they "fixed"
it by simply deleting the signatures entirely, which won't work. DMARC
policies state that mail *must* be signed and unsigned/incorrectly signed
message should be discarded.

The user documentation for mailman 3 doesn't seem to exist? The links on
the website are docs for 2.1, perhaps they released mailman 3 without
refreshing the docs.

Google Groups may be "controversial" but if I recall correctly the main
issue was the question of whether you needed a Google account or not. I'm
pretty sure you can just send an email to
groupname+subscribe at googlegroups.com even if you don't have a Google
account. But of course this is a bizarre standard to hold mailing list
software to: mailman asks users to create an account for each listserv in
order to manage a subscription too!
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