[Bitcoin-development] Concerns Regarding Threats by a Developer to Remove Commit Access from Other Developers

Milly Bitcoin milly at bitcoins.info
Thu Jun 18 18:01:01 UTC 2015

 >2) Changes to the consensus rules: As others have said, this isn't 
anyone's decision for anyone else.  It's up to each individual user as 
to what code they run and what rules they enforce.  So then why is 
everyone so up in arms about what Mike and Gavin are proposing if 
everyone is free to decide for themselves?

Because the notion that people are free to decide for themselves is just 
a rough approximation of the real world situation.  If your software 
does not agree with merchants and exchanges you can't pay your bills and 
if Bitcoin splits the exchange rate could plummet and damage the 
ecosystem.   People are free to decide within the constraints of the 
Bitcoin system.


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