[bitcoin-dev] The need for larger blocks

Jorge Timón jtimon at jtimon.cc
Sun Jun 28 15:45:24 UTC 2015

On Sun, Jun 28, 2015 at 5:28 PM, s7r <s7r at sky-ip.org> wrote:
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> +1 for this  Jorge.
> Agreed the majority should not be able to enforce rules over the
> minority. But if the majority will just leave and create an altcoin or
> whatever, this will leave the remaining minority with a less value (or
> even 0 value) product or service. By enforcing some rules agreed by
> the majority or supermajority, the minority will be dragged along and
> even so with rules they haven't signed up for, they will still have a
> product or service which is worth something.

If the Schism fork goes wrong (ie 2 chains coexist in parallel for
long) the result may as well be that NOBODY will be left any value.
Both the majority and the minority can lose simultaneusly.
See https://github.com/jtimon/bips/blob/bip-forks/bip-forks.org#schism1-hardforks
That kind of hardfork is basically like forcing the users to go to war
against each other.
Really, I don't think civil war is an exaggerated analogy.

> That is why we have to be very careful into deciding this.
> This debate is good, there are lots of valid points from smart people
> and I am happy to see there is so much interest in this project, and
> regardless if the blocksize hard cap will be changed or not I do hope,
> if a hardfork will happen, it will also include a smart change that
> will allow future changes (requiring hardforks) simpler, with less
> headache and risks involved.

That sounds great. Do you have any proposal in mind?
I really want hardforks to be made, I just don't want to kill the
system attempting it.

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