[bitcoin-dev] block-size tradeoffs & hypothetical alternatives (Re: Block size increase oppositionists: please clearly define what you need done to increase block size to a static 8MB, and help do it)

Milly Bitcoin milly at bitcoins.info
Tue Jun 30 20:29:36 UTC 2015

 >"Decentralization" is a popular buzzword these days, but how about 
stating the problem description in a way that is more precise and 
accurate? One of Bitcoin's differentiating properties is that it 
prevents double spending without using a trusted third party.

I have been researching how it can be defined and measured (at least up 
to a certain point).  Here is a paper on measuring decentralization of 
government functions: 
Not exactly the same thing as being discussed here but the paper gives a 
framework of how decentralization metrics could be defined in a somewhat 
standard way.


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