[Bitcoin-development] Useless Address attack?

Thy Shizzle thashiznets at yahoo.com.au
Thu Mar 5 01:40:57 UTC 2015

 Hi, so just a thought as my node relays addresses etc. If I wanted to really slow down communication over the P2P network, what's stopping me from popping up a heap of dummy nodes that do nothing more than exchange version and relay addresses, except I send addr messages with all 1000 addresses pointing to my useless nodes that never send invs or respond to getdata etc so clients connect to my dumb nodes instead of legit ones. I'm thinking that if I fill up their address pool with enough addresses to dumb nodes and keep them really fresh time wise, it could have a bit of an impact especially if all 8 outbound connections are used up by my dumb nodes right?

I don't want to do this obviously, I'm just thinking about it as I'm building my node, what is there to stop this happening?
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