[Bitcoin-development] Electrum 2.0 has been tagged

Andreas Schildbach andreas at schildbach.de
Thu Mar 12 18:51:14 UTC 2015

On 03/12/2015 07:27 PM, Natanael wrote:
> Den 12 mar 2015 17:48 skrev "Mike Hearn" <mike at plan99.net
> <mailto:mike at plan99.net>>:
>>> b) "Creation date" is just a short-term hack.
>> I agree, but we need things to be easy in the short term as well as
> the long term :) 
>> The long term solution is clearly to have the 12 word seed be an
> encryption key for a wallet backup with all associated metadata. We're
> heading in that direction one step at a time. Unfortunately it will take
> time for wallets to start working this way, and all the pieces to fall
> into place. Restoring from the block chain will be a semi regular
> operation for users until then.
> This have been mentioned a few times before, and what I think is
> necessary is to create a common file format that can be interpreted by a
> library which all wallets can use. I see it as similar as the work to
> create libconsensus for parsing the blockchain.

I'm afraid this will never fly. Wallets are just too different and
that's a good thing! For example, by design choice Bitcoin Wallet and
bitcoinj doesn't support multiple accounts. How would it ever import
wallets from MultiBit or Mycelium?

Bitcoinj-based wallets could probably share the bitcoinj protobuf wallet
format (or whatever format we will be at the time of the "merge" – we
already have tons of requirements piling up!). This would mean bitcoinj
is the "consensus library equivalent" you were mentioning.

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