[Bitcoin-development] BIP32 Index Randomisation

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Fri Mar 13 21:34:31 UTC 2015

> You are killing us Mike! :) We really don't like to think that BWS is
> a webwallet. Note
> that private keys are not stored (not even encrypted) at the server.

Sure, sorry, by web wallet I meant a blockchain.info/CoPay type setup where
the client has the private keys and signs txns, but otherwise relies on the
server for learning about the wallet contents. I tend to call wallets where
the server has the private key BitBanks but I don't know if anyone else
uses this terminology. It might just be a personal quirk of my own ;)

> we think having some visibility of the wallet by the multisig
> facilitator will make the user experience much better (e.g: mobile
> notifications).

Fair enough. Yes, push notifications to mobiles in a decentralised way is
rather a hard problem.

I think what Gregory suggested is then the best approach for you to do what
you want. Whether it's worth the additional complexity is something I don't
have any feedback on, only you can judge that.
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