[Bitcoin-development] Criminal complaints against "network disruption as a service" startups

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Fri Mar 13 21:48:17 UTC 2015

That would be rather new and tricky legal territory.

But even putting the legal issues to one side, there are definitional

For instance if the Chainalysis nodes started following the protocol specs
better and became just regular nodes that happen to keep logs, would that
still be a violation? If so, what about blockchain.info? It'd be shooting
ourselves in the foot to try and forbid block explorers given how useful
they are.

If someone non-maliciously runs some nodes with debug logging turned on,
and makes full system backups every night, and keeps those backups for
years, are they in violation of whatever pseudo-law is involved?

I think it's a bit early to think about these things right now. Michael
Grønager and Jan Møller have been Bitcoin hackers for a long time. I'd be
interested to know their thoughts on all of this.
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