[Bitcoin-development] Criminal complaints against "network disruption as a service" startups

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Fri Mar 13 22:24:05 UTC 2015

> Don't SPV clients announce their intentions by the act of uploading a
> filter?

Well they don't set NODE_NETWORK, so they don't claim to be providing
network services. But then I guess the Chainalysis nodes could easily just
clear that bit flag too.

> What I'd actually like to see is for network users to pay for the node
> resources that they consume

It's not quite pay-as-you-go, but I just posted a scheme for funding of
network resources using crowdfunding contracts here:


That comment doesn't have any kind of provision for access control, but
group signatures could be extended in both directions: the server proves it
was a part of the group that was funded by the contract, and the client
proves it was in group that funded the contract, but it's done in a
(relatively) anonymous way. Then any client can use any node it funded, or
at least, buy priority access.

But it's rather complicated. I'd hope that nodes can be like email
accounts: yes they have a cost but in practice people everyone gets one for
free because of random commercial cross-subsidisation, self hosting and
other things.
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