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On 2 May 2015 at 00:57, Marc D. Wood <metamarc at metamarket.biz> wrote:

> METAmarket: Trustless Federated Marketplaces
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> Introduction
> METAmarket is an open source protocol and proof-of-concept reference
> client specifying a trustless federated marketplace which uses Bitcoin as
> a universal currency and Bitmessage as a P2P communication network.
> Time-locked refund transactions ensure that incentives are aligned toward
> completing the trade without the need for trusted third parties. Systemic
> vulnerabilities such as transaction malleability are mitigated through the
> use of a federated reputation model. This document is a non-technical
> overview of how the METAmarket client and protocol work. For more
> technical details, see the protocol specification.
> Motivation
> Overly centralized marketplaces and payment services extract high fees,
> impose and abuse excessive control and remove any hope of privacy from
> users. As more commerce moves online, many consumers may find their
> lifetime history of purchases (including books, personal items and
> location details) for sale to advertisers, employers, curious neighbors,
> stalkers, political opponents and government agencies. An ideal system
> would be one of secure private transactions directly between buyer and
> seller without middle men collecting data or adding fees. Such systems are
> now feasible by combining recently developed technologies for anonymous
> decentralized payment and messaging systems.
> Client
> To use the marketplaces, a client application which implements the
> METAmarket protocol is required. The client is used to post, browse and
> execute trades. It also requires a Bitcoin Core wallet to handle payments
> and refunds. A working client is available at:
> http://github.com/metamarcdw/metamarket

Is there any relation between this and the work satoshi was putting into
the core before he left?


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