[Bitcoin-development] [BIP] Normalized Transaction IDs

Gavin Andresen gavinandresen at gmail.com
Wed May 13 13:41:44 UTC 2015

I think this needs more details before it gets a BIP number; for example,
which opcodes does this affect, and how, exactly, does it affect them? Is
the merkle root in the block header computed using normalized transaction
ids or normalized ids?

I think there might actually be two or three or four BIPs here:

 + Overall "what is trying to be accomplished"
 + Changes to the OP_*SIG* opcodes
 + Changes to the bloom-filtering SPV support
 + ...eventually, hard fork rollout plan

I also think that it is a good idea to have actually implemented a proposal
before getting a BIP number. At least, I find that actually writing the
code often turns up issues I hadn't considered when thinking about the
problem at a high level. And I STRONGLY believe BIPs should be descriptive
("here is how this thing works") not proscriptive ("here's how I think we
should all do it").

Finally: I like the idea of moving to a normalized txid. But it might make
sense to bundle that change with a bigger change to OP_CHECKSIG; see Greg
Maxwell's excellent talk about his current thoughts on that topic:

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 9:12 AM, Tier Nolan <tier.nolan at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think this is a good way to handle things, but as you say, it is a hard
> fork.
> CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY covers many of the use cases, but it would be nice to
> fix malleability once and for all.
> This has the effect of doubling the size of the UTXO database.  At
> minimum, there needs to be a legacy txid to normalized txid map in the
> database.
> An addition to the BIP would eliminate the need for the 2nd index.  You
> could require a SPV proof of the spending transaction to be included with
> legacy transactions.  This would allow clients to verify that the
> normalized txid matched the legacy id.
> The OutPoint would be {LegacyId | SPV Proof to spending tx  | spending tx
> | index}.  This allows a legacy transaction to be upgraded.  OutPoints
> which use a normalized txid don't need the SPV proof.
> The hard fork would be followed by a transitional period, in which both
> txids could be used.  Afterwards, legacy transactions have to have the SPV
> proof added.  This means that old transactions with locktimes years in the
> future can be upgraded for spending, without nodes needing to maintain two
> indexes.
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