[Bitcoin-development] Virtual Notary.

Emin Gün Sirer el33th4x0r at gmail.com
Wed May 20 10:25:01 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

Given the recent discussions on projects that use the Bitcoin blockchain to
record factoids, people on this list might be interested in the Virtual
Notary project. Virtual Notary is essentially an online witness (aka
attestor) to online factoids. It can provide:

  * proof of Bitcoin funds (without revealing public addresses or fund
location on the blockchain)

  * proof of Bitcoin address ownership

  * proof of Tweet

  * proof of real estate value

  * proof of DNS ownership

  * proof of existence

  * proof of web page contents

  * proof of weather conditions

The factoids can be recorded on the blockchain (if you pay for the
transaction with Bitcoin or PayPal), or they can be part of a free
attestation chain that we maintain. The website provides a permanent URL to
the factoids it generates; it also provides an X.509 certificate that you
can download and keep safe in perpetuity, independent of the website.

The link to the website is here:

The link to the writeup describing the various factoids and their use cases
is here:

We are actively looking for people who are interested in developing the
service further. Specifically, if you have suggestions for how to extend
the service, for new proof/factoid types, or for how to build a business
case around the core idea, please let us know.

- egs
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