[Bitcoin-development] alternatives to the 20MB block limit, measure first!

Ron rdwnj at yahoo.com
Mon May 25 20:14:17 UTC 2015

Hello all,

With all the discussion about the Block size limit, I thought it would be interesting to measure, in some sense, the average Tx size.  Then given a fixed average block period (Bp) of 10 minutes (i.e 600 seconds), all one needs to do to estimate an average block size is ask the question: what average transaction rate (tps) do you want?

So for tps ~ 10 (Tx/sec) and an average transaction size (avgTxSz) of 612 Bytes (last ten blocks up to block 357998 (2:05pm EDT 5/25/2015) we have a block size of 612 * 10 * 600 = 3,672,000 Bytes

Alternatively, given an avgTxSz ~612 and maxBl = 1,000,000 we have (maxBl / avgBlSz) / Bp is the actual current max tps, which is ~2.72 tps.

The avgBlSz for the 10 blocks up to block # 357999 is ~ 576 Bytes, so the current possible tps is ~2.89 and the maxBL for a tps = 10 is 3,456,000 bytes.

So I think one should state one's assumed tps and a measured or presumed avgTxSz before saying what a maxBl should be. So for a maxBl ~20,000,000 Bytes and a current avgTxSz ~600 Bytes, the tps ~55.5 FWIW

Ron (aka old c coder)

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